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We've got your solution if you want an inexpensive and lightweight trade show presence. Three lightweight banner stands, a black table cloth with custom runner, fliers and business cards, all for around $600.00 plus around $200.00 graphic design costs. Setup time is less than 10 minutes.

If you promote your business or products at one or two trade shows per year it may not be cost effective to spend thousands of dollars on a large expensive display; on the other hand, you don’t want that sparse or empty booth with little more that the name banner provided by the convention center.

For less than $500.00 in display products, plus well thought out graphic design, you can have a professional presence that effectively communicates your brand or product without breaking the bank. Communicating your message starts with a table cover. Most convention venues include a 6’ table with your booth rental; a branded Table Cover is a simple and cost effective start when presenting your brand. Nobody likes wrinkles, so it’s best to choose a fabric like polyester, it will lay flat and wrinkle free when unfolded.

Now that your table looks great, you’re going to want something in the background. A several Banner Stands placed side by side or a simple Step & Repeat Backdrop are both great options. Either option is an inexpensive and light weight way to effectively an effectively communicate your product or brand.

In all advertising, one of the key components is to develop a relationship with an experienced graphic designer who understands effective design communication and takes the time to understand your business.